Brine Blueprint In Neon Colors

The new 2011 Brine Blueprint lacrosse head available from Elevation Lacrosse. For a limited time only we have the Brine Blueprint available in 4 NEON colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, and Neon Blue.  These colors are sure to make Crockett & Tubbs proud.  Make sure to add custom neon stringing to your lacrosse head and really kick up the neon with new neon mesh, shooters, and sidewall.  Look for more new product releases from Elevation Lacrosse as we get closer to the start of fall.

Brine Blueprint

New Brine Blueprint lacrosse head!


Adrenaline Lacrosse Socks… New Summer Arrrrrrgyles!

Summa, summa, time… and what does that mean kids? That’s right: Lacrosse camps, summer travel teams, all-star games, & chasing the muff around (thanks Dazed & Confused). Plus, our friends over at Adrenaline recently released their new line of hot summer lacrosse socks for 2010.  These adrenaline lacrosse socks are constructed of an ultra wicking performance material that will keep your feet dry.  These socks also feature a cushioned bottom for extra comfort.  My favorite new styles of socks would have to be the argyles. Not because I love the Irish or kilt wearing, but they are unique and different compared to all the other lacrosse sock brands out there. Plus, I have seen the shorts you guys are wearing at camp and these are pretty tame when you compare them to the donkey kong, stripper poles, and whispering eye sublimated shorts kids are rocking.  Be sure to visit Elevation Lacrosse for the full line up of adrenaline socks and all your summer lacrosse gear.

New Warrior Trojan Helmet

One of the products I’m excited about this season is the new Trojan helmet. It always gets the laugh because people think it’s a condom reference, but it’s actually like the story of the Trojan Horse because it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. This thing has an established look that players love, but we were able to make the helmet a little bigger without getting that BIG look some other helmets have on the market. The increased size enabled us to hide a much more protective layer inside the shell. We also got the price down, so players can have a good quality helmet at a great price.

Kevin Leveilleblog_trojan